Media Inquiries

All media inquiries can be directed to the Board’s media relations line at (614) 705-1190 or via email at

Public Records Requests

Upon request, and in accordance with ORC Chapter 149, the Board of Pharmacy must make public records available for inspection or provide copies to the requester within a reasonable period of time. Reasonable takes into account the volume of records requested, including the time and resources needed to make them available; the proximity of the location where the records are stored; and the necessity of any legal review of the records request. Please be advised that some records are confidential and not available to the public, including complaints filed against licensees, the identity of the person(s) filing the complaint, and other investigative information.

Paper copies of requested records are provided at the cost of $.10 (ten cents) per page or, in the case of voluminous requests, $10 per disc. There is no charge for records provided via e-mail.

Requestors may make requests:

Although no specific language is required to make a request, the requester must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the Board to identify, retrieve and review the records. While the requester may designate the format that such documents are to be placed for inspection, the Board is not required to put the requested documents into a format that is not within the ordinary scope of its normal record-keeping function or normal capability. Additionally, the Board is not required to create records that otherwise did not exist, or to create a records system in order to respond to a public records request.