License Roster Requests

Update Notice

Effective December 13, 2023, the following roster list types will be removed from Roster Request page:

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Medical Marijuana Employees

New Feature Notice

URL parameters are now available on this page, providing the ability to automate downloads of the data available on this page. Please refer to our instruction manual for details on how to use URL parameters.

A new subscription option has been created to notify users of any updates made to the data found here. Notifications will include new roster list options, updates to current roster lists and feature updates relating to this page. To subscribe to these updates, navigate to our subscription page and subscribe to the “Roster Request” topic.

Use the options below to download an Excel spreadsheet of Board licensee contact information.

It is the responsibility of the data requestor to filter/sort the data. The Board will not customize reports found on this page. For clarification of data downloaded, please review this guidance document or you may contact us by sending an email to Licensing@Pharmacy.Ohio.Gov.

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*A distributor of dangerous drugs includes the following license types: manufacturer of dangerous drugs, outsourcing facility, third-party logistics provider, repackager of dangerous drugs and wholesale distributor of dangerous drugs (includes broker and virtual wholesaler).